Making creative aerial footage using drones is an exciting way to capture the best moments in life. Nature experiences, sport events, weddings, your company, your house … It all looks even better from high up in the sky.

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The Vikings of old personified the spirit of intrepid explorers. They traveled vast swaths of the Earths wild frontier, crossing the Northern oceans in search of new lands. The Vikings were pathfinders and innovators, the first to discover the new world. Flykings Media takes note of this Norsk pioneering spirit, the daring to explore new fronts and the confidence in our skill sets to accomplish these goals. We are innovators, seeking to push the limit of artistic mediums. We are doers, emboldening the cinematography world. We are adventurers, racing forward to capture the last few truly wild places on earth. We are visionaries, reimagining the places we already cherish. We are FLYKINGS MEDIA.

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Flykings Media staff are passionate aerial photographers and cinematographers. They have years of experience working with multiple medium platforms. Dedicated to their vision, the Flykings Media team creates beautiful pieces of work that are both functional and artistic. The staff at Flykings Media are re-envisioning the world of photography and cinematography from above and have the proven skill set to do it. From scenic to stories, from forest to city, it all looks better from high in the sky.

Brent De Bleser

Creative Manager, Aerial Cinematographer

Belgian living in Stavanger, Norway.


Ryan Moore

Sales Manager, Aerial Cinematographer

American living in Haugesund, Norway!


  • There's a difference between showing info and telling stories.


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